Welcome to our new Website

Welcome to the Rapha Healing Ministries web page.  We thank you for visiting us and taking the time to read our articles and listening to our teachings.

RHMI was established to help those who are hurting and are broken.  Through our years of serving others, we have found that there are truths that really will set people free from what has them held and bound.  These truths are timeless and can be applied in any culture or ethnic group or social strata.

When Rapha Healing Ministries was conceived, we felt that we would be traveling the world to help people who were in terrible crisis or had experienced severe trauma.  Our name reflects our vision of reaching the whole world, yet we have not personally gone to other countries or nations.  Yet through the modern technology of the Internet, we can reach the world through this web site.

Thus our focus is to provide you with the materials that will help you fulfill your call to those who are hurting, broken and have given up all hope of anything changing.  We make our resources available to you at no charge because freely we have received, so freely we give to you.

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