On this page, you will find teachings by Pastor Bill Fielding.  When Jesus called Pastor Bill into the ministry, He said, “Teach My people.”  The messages on this page will not only proclaim the good news (preaching) but they will also help explain what this good news means and how people can begin to respond and apply what was given to them.  A preacher is a herald (kerux) while a teacher is an instructor (didaskalos) and thus a teacher is to provide explanation, clarification, application, and exhortation.

In these messages, you will find very practical explanations and applications of God’s Word for your daily life.  The Bible is not just a book with truth in it to be proclaimed.  It is a book filled with truth, which once proclaimed, must now be acted upon to bring change into our lives.  The Word of God should motivate and encourage us to grow in righteousness, godliness, and holiness.  Our great commission is not only to bring salvation to the lost, but to also make disciples by teaching them to observe all that Jesus has commanded us.

May the Holy Spirit use these messages to produce Godly fruit in all of our lives!


Message TitleAudioVideoHandout
James - The Lord's Brother
Look How They Love One Another
The Power of Expectations