“The grass withers, the flower fades, but the Word of the Lord lasts forever.”    Pastor Carolyn wrote, “I remember hearing those words for the first time.  The reality of the power of the spoken word of God reverberated in my being causing me to take heed to the seriousness of the calling of God – to preach and teach the word.  Truly only those moved, affected and changed by the power of God’s word, really understand.”

The following messages are by Pastor Carolyn Fielding.  At the young age of 8, she felt the call of ministry and at the age of 17 preached her first sermon.  After college she did not know it would take 20 years before she would “re-enter the ministry as a single woman”.  After a tragic accident, God began to bring healing and restoration into her life.  She realized that the word of God is more than just a book, it contains words right from the throne room of God.  They are living words – filled with power to heal, encourage, motivate, inspire, and discipline.   Pastor Carolyn hopes what you hear, will heal you, transform you, and bring you into a more intimate relationship with God.  Experience the power of the Word of God as you allow it to impact your life!


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Blind Faith
Children Under the Covenant
What Are You Expecting?