We are a Christian ministry with a mandate to bring healing and wholeness to all who are  broken.

Vision Statement – “On earth as it is in Heaven”

Our Vision Statement declares that wherever God sends us in this world, we will bring with us the healing, saving power and authority of Jesus Christ.  Our Vision is to see heaven come down and touch earth so that whatever is available in heaven will also be available on this earth – right now!

Mission Statement – “Through love serve one another”

Our mission is to serve individuals and families who are physically, emotionally and spiritually broken.  Rapha Healing Ministries International (RHMI) is committed to bring quality biblical care to people in crisis regardless of their race, color, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or financial status.  We do this through one on one ministry and by teaching and training others to provide the same level of care and compassion.

You will find our teaching and training materials under our Resources page.  Please listen and download all that you need.