The resources on this page are going to be different from other pages because they combine the Word of God along with praise and worship to bring you into God’s presence. ¬†Over the years, the Fieldings have found that praise brings His presence and worship brings His miracles — for In His Presence — we are healed and made whole — In His Presence all things are new.


So sit back and as you listen, may you meet Jesus face to face as you enter Into His Presence.


Message TitleAudioHandout
An Appeal to Heaven For Our Nation
Is Seeing Really Believing?
Doubt and Unbelief
Wholly Sanctified
On Earth As It Is In Heaven
Grace Works Through Faith
The Blood of Jesus
Forgive Us As We Are Forgiven
Seated With Christ
Six Common Deceptions
Deception - World Hope vs Biblical Faith
Fear - Stress - Anxiety
Rich Young Ruler
Worship - It's All About You Jesus
Seeking God and His Presence
Psalm 91
In His Presence
The Compassion of the Lord
The Importance of Communion
The Role of Mercy and Grace In Physical & Emotional Healing
Effective Fervent Prayer
Calling Upon God's Mercy
The Power of the Transformed Mind
Healing Rain
The Importance of Hope
Healing Your Spirit
A Good Offense is the Best Defense
What is God's Will Concerning Healing?
Redeemed From The Curse of Sickness
Using Your Authority - Who is Supposed To Heal The Sick?
Be Loosed
People Who Know Their God